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About Me

I'm an asker of questions, a reader of footnotes.

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it hasn't gotten me.

Often I can't get the answers to the questions I ask.

Maybe no one knows. Maybe they know but they're not telling.

Maybe I get an answer but it leads to new questions.

Here's a question for you:

What's that tube-like object on the ground behind me?

(I have no idea!)

This is why I write: to satisfy my insatiable curiosity. To fill in the gaps.

To reconstruct what's missing or forgotten.

I look around corners. I turn over stones. I read between the lines.

And because I'm a writer, I sometimes (often!) make things up.

A museum exhibit. A magazine article. A podcast episode. A book.  

Everywhere I turn, I find stories. Sometimes people are telling them.  

Sometimes people are living them. Either way: I have questions.  

Things I want to know more about. Parts of the story that left untold.

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reader of footnotes
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