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Selected plays

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Cotton's Tale

2022 Blue Ink Award semifinalist

2021 Women Playwright Series (Centenary Stage Co.) selection

2020-21 Henley Rose finalist


The true story of the female rabbits in Peter Rabbit. What really happened in the carrot patch that day? Join Cottontail on her quest to tell her story even as it pits her against the triple threat of Peter, Miss Potter and the patriarchy.

How We Survived

2020 Jane Chambers Prize winner

2020 Players Club of Swarthmore New Play Festival selection

2020 HRC Showcase Theatre National Playwriting Contest selection


Inspired by my grandmother's self-published memoir by the same name. The daughter of a German-Jewish refugee questions her mother about the past, leading to a reckoning about the stories we tell ourselves in order to survive.

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Cotton's Tale
How We Survived
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Goldfish Have No Memory

2021 Women's Voices Festival (Mad Cow Theatre) selection


When his twin sister unexpectedly dies, a roboticist uses his skills in artificial intelligence to create a replica of her and finds himself facing the question of what it means to truly know someone.

Goldfish Have No Memory
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